Elypsys Business Products

The Elypsys suite of products are designed for one purpose: to make your business more efficient through technology. We have developed one of the fastest fibre optic networks in the world so we can deliver high speed Internet services to your premise. But it doesn't stop there. Unlike other ISP's we invest in your company by implementing the latest IT products & services, telecommunications products and cloud hosted solutions. Our products are designed to enhance SME's, large enterprise, residential apartments, high-density accommodation, hotels & resorts and master planned communities. 


What does your business need?


Fast, reliable business-grade fibre optic and fixed wireless services - starting from $350/month 

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Enhance your telecommunications with smart voice solutions, hosted PABx and money saving technology.

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Keep your information safe and secure with advanced cloud solutions. Manage off-site teams and multi-office facilities.

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IT Services

From email to software solutions, network setup to security, we use the latest technology & best practices to solve your IT issues.

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Why choose Elypsys?

fast business internet

Faster speeds

Up to 1000GBPS, our private, secure data connections are un-contended. That means the speed you choose is what you REALLY get.

No Data Limits

Never worry about managing your data or having your speed shaped. Our Internet connections keep your business moving. 

multipurpose business network


Our network is designed to seamlessly integrate a wide variety of Internet based applications and services to provide an ultimate user experience.

On site installation

Our team of experienced technicians will take care of the full installation and configuration of your new services.

Reliable internet and IT solutions


Using the most advanced technology and methods available, our services are more reliable than any other types of connections. 

Australian IT  support team

Australian support

Week keep our support team local so we can provide the best service and fastest results possible.


SPEED IN BUSINESS — why is it so important?

While your team spends time waiting for downloads, loading pages or files to sync, the cost adds up significantly over time. Your Internet connectivity should never inhibit your teams productivity.

People can become disengaged and frustrated with slow connections and lose momentum when working. Having interruptions or time delays in your workflow and communications can impact the output and goals of your business. 

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CONTENTION RATIOS—what does this mean?

Nobody likes to get stuck in a traffic jam. Especially if you are a business owner. Most Internet users have suffered from the effects of contention ratio issues. The issues occur when ISP’s over subscribe a number of customers to a certain bandwidth. In most cases, not every user is carrying out bandwidth intensive activities at the same time, but when this does happen, speeds can grind to a halt. Elypsys business plans are based on private connectivity and uncontested connection so that this does not happen. 


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SYMMETRICAL SPEEDS - what is it and what is the benefit?

Symmetric Speed is the term used to refer to equal upload and download times on an Internet connection. With our Internet connections you benefit from lightning fast  speed for both downloading AND uploading. 

Symmetric Speed reflects how networks are truly used and today's employees are more likely to upload video content, files or make phone calls while downloading content or accessing the cloud while they work. 
Symmetrical speeds enable users to benefit from lightning fast, two way communication and connectivity by accommodating for heavy demands on downloads and uploads simultaneously.


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LATENCY—what is it and why is this important?

Latency is the term used to describe the delay in how long it takes data to process when travelling between it’s source and the destination. Fibre optic eliminates many of the latency issues users experience on other Internet connections. Lowering your latency allows you take full advantage of your applications and technology solutions. The business benefits can include:

  • Enhanced voice quality 
  • Productive use of cloud technologies
  • Less service disruption
  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Implementation of cost saving technology systems

SECURITY – why is fibre optic more secure?

Potential hackers and information thieves can gain access to cable and copper Internet with relative ease by tapping or other somewhat simple methods. The only way to penetrate fibre optic Internet is to physically cut the fibres, which causes the signal to disappear. Fibre optic Internet is a powerful way to enhance your company’s protection against cyber crime.

While fibre optic Internet wont mitigate all of your company’s risks, it is a big step towards ensuring the confidentiality of your data and protecting you against financial penalties, litigation and customer defection.




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