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Elypsys Data Network Solutions will redefine your business connectivity. Data networks from Elypsys are designed from the ground up to fit your company.


Fibre internet services

Our fibre and wireless network solution provides high-performance, commercial-grade connectivity through the public internet

Wide Area Network (WAN)

our easy-to-manage Private Wide Area Network Services (IP WAN) connect multiple locations and local area networks across large geographic areas


Our Virtual Private Network service is like having your own private IP network without the costs of owning the infrastructure yourself


Fixed Wireless network

Perfect when a cable connection isn't feasible. Our fixed wireless network service is a simple way to quickly deliver IP connectivity. Our network delivers carrier-grade performance in hard to reach places


IPv6 is in the process of replacing IPv4 as the next generation IP address protocol. We will help you make the transition to IPv6 seamlessly to minimise risk and ensure high quality connection for your business

dark fibre (point to Point)

Get unmatched performance, control, security and scalability from your network with a fully dedicated fibre-optic point-to-point connection  


Check what's available for your business:

We provide a wide range of different network services to suite all different industries and business types. 

Contact us to find the right service for your company and improve your connection.

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