What are smart property solutions?

Secure, reliable and high speed services delivered directly to your property have massive benefits that you may not even realise. From centralised IP cameras to smart parking, apartment-by-apartment billing and integration with smart appliances, our SMART Property Solutions will future proof your property.

Who needs smart property solutions?

From the basic infrastructure to Smart City integration we provide solutions to developers. Specialising in commercial developments, high density accommodation, hotels, resorts and master planned communities, these innovative solutions will put you at the cutting edge of technology and above your competition.  

What do we provide to developers?

We  provide the infrastructure, networking and hardware that is required to offer full turn key packages. Working in line with the telecommunications act we also consult with body corporate, strata services and property managers to provide solutions that add value and deliver an outstanding user experience.


Benefits for you & your tenants

local support

customer monitoring

customer monitoring


flexible billing system


long term partnership


commission from tenants


fast response times

high density developments


Today's residents want the best connectivity without hassle and they want it now. We provide solutions that enable your residents to connect to a business grade Internet and telephone service immediately and without significant costs or delay.

With busy lifestyles this creates outstanding value for any prospective purchaser or tenant. With a variety of innovative Smart City applications our solutions are designed to put you ahead of your competition in a competitive market so you can move onto your next project. 

commercial developments


Businesses need enhanced connectivity and they are willing to relocate to get it. With new and emerging technologies changing the way we do business our multi purpose business grade network is designed to integrate these technologies seamlessly.

Getting involved at the early stages of development we use scale of economy to deliver affordable, high bandwidth services in a very unique way. This allows you to attract more prospective purchasers or retain your existing tenants



If you are building a new premise for you business you have come to the right place. Elypsys can deliver full turn key packages to suit your individual requirements.

Providing infrastructure, structured cabling and connectivity devices we take care of the full package. Dealing directly with Elypsys simplifies this process to ensure that you have the services you need delivered the way you want when you move in to your new property. 

hotel internet


Whatever your core business most guests and residents need and want access to great connectivity and they have no problem complaining if they don’t.

We leverage the benefits of our business grade network to provide managed WiFi networks, telephone services, security and surveillance systems and Smart City applications to provide the best experience possible for your clients. You can look forward to positive reviews on accommodation portals driving more business to you. 


Increase property value

Chances are if your building is more than 5 years old you are running old or redundant technology in your building. Upgrading the Internet and telecommunications capabilities of your property can provide benefits with respect to tenant retention, property value and improved services.

minimize costs, maximise results

Our Development & Infrastructure team work with you to understand your goals and propose a solution that delivers maximum benefit with minimum cost, utilising existing infrastructure where practical. 


Contact us to find out how we can update the technology in your current development:


Smart City EcoSystem

Hundreds of cities around the world are itching to drive their local economy by becoming the next Smart City. This is a highly complex concept that can be difficult to measure a return on investment when simple things like waste bins and toilets can become sophisticated systems. 

Elypsys is a foundation

In a world of emerging and innovative technologies there are many benefits and rewards that can be measured when Smart Cities are integrated properly. Elypsys offers the foundation for a platform that enables the integration of Smart City applications by building a network to accommodate them.

common Smart Applications

  • Environmental Sensors    
  • Waste Management
  • Smart Street Lighting    
  • Safety & Security Systems
  • Smart Parking         
  • Smart Data & Analytics
  • Transportation & Traffic      
  • Public Connectivity & Service
  • Smart Agriculture        
  • Smart Logistics & Tracking

Got a new or existing property?

Find out how we can improve the technological power and capabilities of your new or existing developments.

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