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Why it's important to register your customer

In order to allocate a customer to you as a reseller or wholesaler, the first step is to confirm customer ownership.

From time to time we have multiple resellers referring the same customer or where Elypsys has already engaged in activities with the customer. This process will help to avoid confusion and create a time-stamp on customer ownership to avoid doubt in the future.


  1. Complete the customer ownership registration form
  2. Elypsys will review and confirm ownership of the customer to you or inform you that the customer has already been engaged by another reseller.
  3. For Resellers. Upon receipt of the referral of a Reseller customer Elypsys will confirm client ownership and make initial contact with the client within 1 business day of receiving the request.
  4. For Wholesalers: Upon the receipt of a Wholesale customer request Elypsys will confirm ownership of a customer and provide a Contract within 48 hours.

important information

If Elypsys has already received a referral for a client or already has a relationship with the nominated client we reserve the right to refuse entitlement to commission should the client purchase an Elypsys product.

The decision relating to any dispute over customer ownership will rest solely with Elypsys.


If you have any questions in relation to the form or wish to discuss your customer’s requirements please call us

Call 1800 359 779


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Our business specialists will be able to provide you with answers to any questions you may have regarding becoming a reseller or wholesaler.

Customer ownership registration form

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Customer Contact Person
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Referral Customers Only
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Customer Company Full Service Address
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