Elypsys has successfully developed and implemented a business grade fibre optic and fixed wireless network to connect the Sunshine Coast to the World.

Elypsys is an Australian owned, private telecommunications carrier that builds and maintains it's own private network for retail and wholesale customers. 

Bringing together a broad spectrum of best practice technology, our solutions for core infrastructure and deployment create a more stable, reliable network with minimum cost and maximum efficiency. 

Elypsys’ private, multi-purpose network has been designed to integrate IT, telecommunications and cloud services seamlessly. We are providing carrier class service to business, high density accommodation, hotels & resorts, new developments and master planned communities. 



We offer a suite of enterprise data, voice Cloud and IT services, delivering a premium user experience across all platforms. We actively gain feedback to further improve our product offering. 

our people


We seek out industry professionals with proven results to build a team that aligns with our vision and fits our culture. This creates an environment where innovation and creativity come together to deliver amazing results.



Partnering with experts in environmental management, strata law, health & safety and property development ensures we are up to date with the latest industry standards and ahead of our competition. 

The Elypsys Difference


Supply Chain

Adhering to the telecommunications act and legislation we manage the delivery of our network from end to end. 
Having full visibility and control of supply chain allows us to accurately quote and deliver on expectations without having to rely on the constraints of third party contractors. 


We leverage the latest automation technology, network monitoring and deployment methods to roll out and maintain our network.  
Our systemisation and delivery process allows us to scale our network and meet customer demand in a rapidly expanding market. 



Our leading edge technology is implemented in house through a rigorous R&D process beyond industry standards. This creates a more predictable and reliable network for our clients.
Working with technology partners around the world we stay at the cusp of technological advancement to improve security and stability for our clients.



To be at the forefront of our industry, we connect to the business community through a variety of business networks, industry specific groups and government authorities. This provides us a deeper understanding of emerging trends and consumer needs so that we can maintain a relevant offering.

The Elypsys Fibre and Wireless Internet Network

Our carrier-grade Internet, voice and data network has been built using the most up to date deployment methods and advancements in telecommunications infrastructure.

This has created a highly robust network designed solely around improving the user experience. Our network offers the highest speed connectivity services commercially available in Australia.

We call this, The Elypsys Network. 

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Why our customers and partners choose us

We believe that to get the most out of your business you need to do more than just increase your head count. With a customised Elypsys technology infrastructure, you will reduce your headcount, increase your operating efficiency and find yourself playing an all-new business ball game.


Faster Speeds

No Data Limits

Multipurpose Network

On Site Installation

Increased profitability

Increased Business Efficiency

Enhanced Reliability

Private Connectivity


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